Pride Star Tourism Limited. was established in 2016 as a high-quality service travel agency in Hong Kong. Pride Star Tourism Limited has created countless happy holidays for Hong Kong citizens over the past four years!

In addition to regular tours, self-guided parades, individual or corporate independent charters, cruise vacations, corporate customer business trips, and large-scale exhibition activities/incentive tours, Pride Star Tourism Limited will also launch the industry’s first series of self-cultivating hairy kids trips. There are also the newest travel products such as a series of unique themed private jets and cost-effective pet tours, which not only consolidate the old dedicated customers, but also fully expand the new customer base, injecting new impetus into the travel market.

Over the years, Pride Star Tourism Limited has been praised by many airlines, regional tourism bureaus and independent organizations. Our efforts have been recognized by all parties and we are grateful for their support and recognition.

In addition to traditional tour groups, Pride Star Tourism Limited also designs a variety of special tour groups, giving Pride Star VIP guests an extraordinary travel experience; the special tour groups include private dining groups, hiking bicycle groups, family parent-child groups, cultural experience groups, etc. . Each group has arranged a rich itinerary to bring all the scenic spots, popular gadgets, and authentic food from all over to the Pride Star VIP guests.

Pride Star Tourism Limited acts as an agent for many famous cruise companies, with voyages all over the world. At the same time, it also cooperates with many large international cruise companies to set up special cruise tours, making sea trips more rich and colorful. In order to further enhance the cruise holiday service, Pride Star Tourism Limited has set up a cruise center and dedicated lines to meet the increasing demand and answer the inquiries of the Pride Star VIP guests.

Independent group Tour for Six Person, Pride Star Fur Kid Tour
Pride Star Tourism Limited has a tailor-made tour group department, whether it is a pet or an owner, can be grouped independently; itinerary, accommodation, and meals can be planned and arranged according to the preferences of customers. The six-person small package group of Pride Star has specially designed a variety of personalized travel experiences with seasons, activities and interests as the theme, which meets more intimate travel needs.

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